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Who We Are

Ms. C & T’s Learning Place is a play base and educational daycare facility. It is our mission to provide quality care for children and families in the Saginaw area. Our learning program exists to provide infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children with an environment where he or she can feel empowered, safe and loved. Our classrooms provide an engaging environment for children while supporting their cognitive, physical,  and social and emotional developmental needs. We promote acceptance, respect, and individuality. Ms. C & T’s Learning Place is committed to nurturing and challenging each child to progress. We offer stimulating challenging materials and community activities that positively affect each child and their family.

Ms. C and T’s Learning Place is a private program licensed by the Michigan  Department of Human Services. A copy of the licensing rules is available for review in the office, the and on the web

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